Lewis Lehe

I'm a lecturer in civil engineering at UC Berkeley, where I teach the graduate course in public transit operations. In December 2016 I received my PhD in Civil Engineering at Berkeley, where my advisor was Carlos Daganzo. I study traffic theory and urban economics. My goal is to make models helpful to the design of pricing and regulation. I code for my papers in Julia and Python. In my free time I read, swing kettlebells and create data visualizations using d3.js and React. I'm from the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.

Research (complete)

Daganzo, C. F. and Lehe, L. J., (2015). Distance-dependent congestion pricing for downtown zones, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, vol. 75, pp. 89-99.

Lehe, L. J., (2015). Land-use regulation and the production of affordable housing. Paper presented at 62nd Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Portland, Oregon.

Daganzo, C.F. and Lehe, L.J., (2016). Traffic flow on signalized streets. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological., vol. 90, pp.56-69.

Lehe, L. (2016). Feedback and the use of land for parking. Journal Of Transport And Land Use, 10(1).

Daganzo, C.F., Lehe, L.J., and Argote-Cabanero, J. (2017). Adaptive offsets for signalized streets.Transportation Research Procedia, vol. 23, pp. 612-623.

Note on NYC's inclusionary zoning.

Research (in-progress)

Downtown congestion pricing and the distribution of trip lengths

A technical history of downtown congestion pricing


2010   BS, Mathematics-Economics

University of Pittsburgh

2012   MA, Transport Economics

University of Leeds (UK)

2013   MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering

UC Berkeley

2016   PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

UC Berkeley

Minors: Economics, City Planning


2012   Ove Arup Transport Studies Prize for Best Transport Dissertation

University of Leeds

2012   Halcrow Prize for Best Graduate Transport Economics Student

University of Leeds

2014   UC CONNECT Dissertation Grant

UC Berkeley

2016   Gordon F. Newell Award for Excellence in Transportation Science

UC Berkeley

"for contributions to the fields of trafic flow theory and urban economics leading to better understanding of congestion effects and improved pricing schemes."

Here are some of my visualizations. View more at Setosa.

Bus Bunching

Traffic Waves



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